Hipster Real Estate was established to help people who have never bought a house understand how the home buying process really works. We’re also devoted to connecting low-income buyers with down payment and closing cost assistance programs so that they can start owning and stop renting.

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A Brief History

Patrick Ward once lived in an apartment that had an alley as a backyard and a five foot sidewalk as a front yard. His neighbors were always loud and drunk and spent every evening smoking on their balconies. His landlord was a Hollywood stereotype— jiggly belly hanging over stained jeans, cigar in his mouth. As soon as he could, Patrick moved out of the city with his wife to the suburbs where they bought a dirt-cheap foreclosure on his teacher’s salary.

The house needed work (a lot of work), but if done would be stunning. It had sat on the market for two years, and for good reason: the previous owner tore out all of the copper plumbing before moving out; the carpets had strange, suggestive stains; there was a flashing leak in the chimney which had damaged half of the living room’s hardwood floors; and it was dated. 70s dated. All ‘spare’ money (if you can call it that) went into replacing one thing at a time each weekend. But purchasing the house got Patrick and his wife immediate equity, which they would later use.

Four years later, once the house was repaired and updated, they refinanced their house and used a small portion of their equity to pay off graduate student loans and credit card debt, as well as purchase a new minivan for their growing family (number 3 was then on the way). When the time was right, they sold it and moved to the mountains, which was a lifetime goal for both of them.

Now Patrick and his wife own their dream home and run a rental property. With Hipster Real Estate he hopes to pass along what he’s learned and help people realize their own personal real estate goals.