21 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners in 2019

21 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners in 2019

Whether you’re attending a housewarming party or visiting a friend’s new home for the first time since they moved in, you may wonder what to bring as a welcome gift. No matter their style or personality, we’ve pulled together a wide selection of ideas to inspire you at any budget point. You’ll be able to ring that doorbell with full confidence that you’re holding a thoughtful gift the new homeowner will truly love.

Check out our list of 21 fun housewarming gifts that are sure to be appreciated long after you leave.

#1: Personalized Address Stamp

housewarming gifts_custom address stamps.jpg

Gifting a custom address stamp is not only thoughtful, it’s also a lasting, convenient gift that your new home-owning friends will actually use. We love these on-trend fonts available from Rubber Stamp Creation. In addition to choosing a design that suits the gift recipient’s style, you can also choose from a variety of colors. Plus, you get free shipping and a customized gift delivered in less than two weeks.

#2: In-Home Bartender Kit

housewarming gifts_copper bartender kit.jpg

Help your friends stock their new bar cart with a sleek copper bartender kit. Not only is this gift gender neutral, it’s also one that hosts and guests alike will enjoy at the housewarming party. If your budget allows, pair the set with a bottle of the new homeowner’s favorite liquor.  

#3: House Plants

housewarming gifts_house plants.jpg

Gifting a house plant may seem old-fashioned, but indoor plants are having a real moment right now. You can pick up super hardy greenery like aloe or a spider plant at your local nursery or even the grocery store. Alternatively, pick up a couple of succulents to pop into this pair of modern planters. They won’t command a lot of space but still add an alluring visual impact to your friend’s new home.

#4: Coffee Table Books

housewarming gifts_joanna gaines.jpg

Everyone loves a visually appealing coffee table pick with huge photographs to pour over for hours. From a gift giving perspective, you’re also unlikely to duplicate another gift and the recipient will love lounging on their porch or in their living room with a fresh book. Pick something that speaks to the new homeowner’s personality. If they love that modern farmhouse style, opt for something like Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines. If they’re a total foodie, try the Momofuku Cookbook by David Chang.

#5: Air Fryer

housewarming gifts_air fryer.jpg

Speaking of cooking, this year’s hottest countertop appliance can also make the perfect present for new homeowners. With an air fryer, your friends will enjoy fast, fried food that’s prepared much more healthily than a deep frying or frying pan. Just browse Pinterest for Air Fryer recipes and you’ll find out just how crazy popular this kitchen gadget is. When shopping, consider a compact version so your gift doesn’t take up too much cabinet space in the new house.

#6: Welcome Mat

housewarming gifts_welcome mat.jpg

You may never have imagined gifting a welcome mat when you were a kid, but now there are pristine hardwood floors involved. Plus, welcome mats actually come in super cute designs these days. Pick up one that suits the new homeowner’s style and prepare for endless thanks for keeping those brand new hardwoods spotless.

#7: Beginner Gardener Kit

housewarming gifts_gardening gloves.jpg

For new homeowners with an aspiring green thumb, gift some new gardening tools to help get them started. If you’re feeling especially generous, also volunteer your time when the moment comes for a landscaping overhaul. We love this three-piece garden tool set from Flora Guard along with hardy yet chic gardening gloves from Ethel.

#8: Comfy Throw Blanket

housewarming gifts_throw blanket.jpg

The best way to get comfortable in a new house is by snuggling up in a brand new throw blanket. Plus, it’s a gift that will not only get used regularly, but also stores easily so your gift isn’t taking up a ton of space in your friend’s new place. Browse around for something that fits the recipient’s style, or opt for this modern fringe throw from Rivet.

#9: Outdoor Wind Chimes

housewarming gifts_wind chimes.jpg

No matter how much outdoor space a new homeowner has, a beautiful wind chime provides an instant connection between outside and in while adding ethereal tones to the environment. Order the perfect size on Amazon or, if time allows, browse the selection at your local garden center or botanical gift shop to find a truly unique piece.

#10: Tool Set for Homeowners

housewarming gifts_tool set.jpg

Every homeowner needs a basic set of tools to take care of minor maintenance issues that are bound to pop up every now and then. A multipurpose tool set ensures your friend has the basics on hand. Plus, they’ll stay organized with everything they need in one single location.

#11: French Press

housewarming gifts_french press.jpg

The coffee lover with a their own gourmet kitchen will love a new French press to go along with the space.This is an ideal gift for both modern and traditional aesthetics and you can even include a bag of locally roasted beans and coffee grinder to go with it. You’ll be thought of every weekend morning while your friends brew a fresh batch and savor each sip.

#12: Aromatherapy Candles

housewarming gifts_candles.jpg

Moving is a stressful situation, regardless of how much you plan ahead of time. Help your home-owning friend reduce stress with some aromatherapy candles that are stylish to boot. This pair from Way Out West lasts for over 80 hours and comes in two stress-busting scents: lavender and eucalyptus mint. Plus, they’re made with pure essential oils.

#13: Vase with Fresh Flowers

housewarming gifts_modern vase.jpg

Fresh flowers immediately bring joy to the recipient but you can add a lasting touch by gifting them in a memorable decorative vase. Try this modern two-tone version from roro, which is bound to fit seamlessly into any space.

#14: French Hand Soap

housewarming gifts_french hand soap.jpg

It’s the little details that make everyday life feel more luxurious and some fancy hand soap is a great gift to spark joy as a housewarming present. This nourishing shea butter liquid hand soap from L’Occitane gives a feeling of decadence. Choose between verbena and lavender — or order both and keep one for yourself!

#15: Good Dish Towels

housewarming gifts_dish towels.jpg

Never underestimate the power of a good set of dish towels, especially when they look good too. This set of five from DII gets great reviews for absorbency and comes in a few different sets of patterns to choose from.

#16: Tea Infuser

housewarming gifts_tea infuser.jpg

For the tea lover with a new home,take over a set of easy-to-use tea infusers as your housewarming gift. This long-handled pair of dinosaur infusers is destined to become a talking point and add a hint of whimsy to any cup of tea.

#17: Personalized Cutting Board

housewarming gifts_cutting board.jpg

It doesn’t matter how well-versed a new homeowner is in cooking, a personalized cutting board is a statement piece that can add warmth to any kitchen. This version from Froolu combines that special touch along with fast and free shipping.

#18: Grilling Spices

housewarming gifts_grilling spices.jpg

If you know your friends have already brought in the grill, surprise them with a set of scrumptious grilling spices as a housewarming gift. This set from FreshJax is wildly popular and will be sure to please any avid outdoor chef.

#19: Essential Oil Diffuser

housewarming gifts_essential oil diffusers.jpg

Homeowners who already love essential oils will love another diffuser to use in their new place. And if they’re not familiar with essential oils, a housewarming gift is an ideal way to introduce them to this trend. Try this Zen Breeze diffuser that doubles as a nightlight.  

#20: Food Storage Containers

housewarming gifts_food storage.jpg

A set of food storage containers with lids will keep a new homeowner’s pantry look tidy and organized day in and day out. Try a sleek set with multiple sizes to help fit all those dry good odds and ends that could quickly clutter the kitchen. Opt for a five-piece set from Oxo, or upgrade to a larger collection. Either way, this is one housewarming gift that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

#21: Electric Wine Bottle Opener

housewarming gifts_wine opener.jpg

To round out our list of best housewarming gifts for new homeowners, try a bottle of wine along with an electric wine bottle opener. It’s a great way to celebrate a new home with good friends and start filling up those walls with happy memories. Try this cordless option from Oster paired with a local or regional bottle of your friend’s favorite wine.

Putting a bit of thought into a housewarming gift is the perfect way to show you really care. Share in the joy of your friend or family’s new milestone in life with a sincere gesture that suits their style and needs. The right housewarming gift will help a new homeowner start transform their new house into a lasting home.

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